Quebec Music Teachers' Association

promoting music education in Quebec

The Quebec Music Teachers' Association is incorporated as a non-profit organization grouping mainly private music teachers. Its members also include many teachers of college, conservatories, and universities.

QMTA teachers also benefit from membership within the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers' Associations, which serves as the umbrella organization for music teachers’ associations in twelve Canadian provinces and territories. The aim of the QMTA is to encourage and provide the highest calibre of music education possible and to promote high standards of music in each community of the province of Quebec.

Aims and Ideals

  • Promoting better musical understanding among music teachers through a cooperative endeavour in the field of music.
  • Promoting progressive ideas in the teaching of music in all branches of the art.
  • Bringing about the registration of all qualified teachers of music in the Province of Quebec.
  • Establishing and encouraging the adoption of definite standards of proficiency.




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